Okatsune Secateurs: Best New Product @ CanWest

What a terrific surprise after two action-packed days meeting and chatting with all sorts of gardeners and horticulturists and arborists at the CanWest Hort Expo: one of the Gardener's Kit new products, Okatsune secateurs from Japan, won the People's Choice Award for the Best New Product at the show in September.

Okatsune secateurs are the industry standard in Japan: sharp and strong, and a simple design with a unique locking mechanism that never unintentionally engages. Which is what won it the award. Thanks for the votes people!

Okatsune secateurs are only available in Canada from Gardener's Kit.

Three sizes to choose from: small, standard, and large. Small is perfect for women with small hands, large for big hands, standard for the rest of us. Design works for lefties and righties.