Open House Fridays in Victoria

Nov. 29 & Dec. 6, 12-5 pm

check out the growing tool selection

shop for christmas presents

cleaning & sharpening demos

drinks & snacks & chats

1810 Belmont Ave, Victoria V8R3Z2


Sneak Previews:

toolbelt alert


This new toolbelt is specially designed for gardeners’ tools and it's a beauty!

Custom pockets snugly hold everything you’ll need on your maintenance and pruning rounds: secateurs, snips, folding saw, hori hori, scissors, keys, cleaning and sharpening bits ‘n bobs.

You can carry quite a few tools in this set-up but the weight won’t make you feel off-balance - the design distributes the weight nicely over your hip.

Sizes:  S, M, L, XL.
Custom sizing and leftie versions are available, please get in touch to order.

You can also pair it up with the phone pouch which keeps your mobile covered and protected from rain, grime, and sharp pointy tools.

new sneeboers

bulb planters
brick weeders
scuffle hoes
soil sample drill
short spades
narrow spades
hand rakes
leaf rakes
lawn rakes
weeding trowels
old dutch trowels
hand forks
border forks
short forks
seedling pricker
and a tool maintenance kit

snip, snip

 Snips are an excellent everyday tool for gardeners during deadheading season (no stubs left behind to brown up and muddy the picture), for nursery production, and for cut flowers and floristry work.

Okatsune Snips - red & white handles. Well-made, sturdy, and inexpensive enough to own several pairs.

Tobisho Snips - red & yellow handles. A finely crafted tool, made from high-quality steel. The clever locking mechanism used for Japanese secateurs is also used on this tool, making them particularly useful for working gardeners who use them frequently. Can be locked/unlocked with one hand. Very limited production from this factory so there are only occasionally a few in stock. Worth the wait if you want the absolute best.

Niwaki GR - Pro Snips - double yellows. Very similar design to the Tobishos, slightly larger and a little more robust. An excellent alternate to the Tobishos, with the same type of locking mechanism and shaped handles.

clean and sharp!


One of the unexpected offshoots of selling tools is that suddenly people are asking my advice on sharpening and cleaning. I wasn't very good at it before Gardener's Kit got rolling, I had a Swiss Istor pocket sharpener and an abrasive cleaning block for quick day-to-day touch-ups, but didn’t do it as often as I should. I tended to leave the detailed semi-annual cleaning and sharpening to my partner who was moderately more interested than I.

Its been really surprising to me how many people confess that they don't know how to clean and sharpen their tools. They either work with perennially dull tools or go out and buy new ones when they can't stand it any longer.

Come by for a cleaning and sharpening demo at the Open House. Bring your battered & dirty tools and we'll show you how to sort them out. Or read about all the gear here: