Double Holsters at Seedy Saturday

Gardener's Kit is spreading the gardening love!

You could win some of this great gardening kit at the Victoria and Nanaimo Seedy events.

D O U B L E   H O L S T E R   (t h e   b e s t   g a r d e n i n g   a c c e s s o r y)

Never lose your tools, always have what you need on your body. and not in the compost heap or hiding under a shrub.

These are my three favourite set-ups with the double holster, depending on time of year and type of work we're doing:

hori hori + secateurs (bed work)

folding pruning saw + secateurs (pruning season)

secateurs + snips (deadheading/floristry)


Event Details:

Victoria Seedy Saturday:  Sat. Feb. 16 @ the Victoria Convention Centre

Nanaimo Seedy Sunday:  Sun. Mar. 3 @ Nanaimo District Secondary School