Specialty Bulbs 2023

Once again, we're offering a limited selection of specialty bulbs:  tulips, narcissi, hyacinths, alliums, and spring ephemerals. These are the varieties that will be going into my clients' gardens and I always order extras for Gardener's Kit.

Many of these are excellent new tulip varieties that have only been available in Europe until this year - some of my new favourites that we trialed last year are Alison Bradley, Palmyra and Disneyland Paris (terrible name!) - and some are old favourites.

This year for the first time, we're offering a Bulb Lasagna Workshop on Saturday, October 14 - click here for all the details. It's a great way to pot up a colour-packed, long-lasting display that will last for weeks and weeks in spring.

If you'd like to make a bulb lasagna on your own, read my rundown on how to put one together. I give an example for a 15"-18" diameter pot. Link is here.

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