ARS Mini Pole Pruner

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Introducing short 'cut & hold' pole pruners! Basically secateurs on an ultra lightweight aluminum pole. The 'cut & hold' part is a bonus for harvesting hard-to-reach cut flowers without dropping (and possibly damaging) them when they hit the ground.

Technically called 'rose pruners', this 2' model gives you a little extra reach and allows you to reach into thorny bushes to prune, deadhead or harvest cut flowers without scratching up your hands and arms.

The pole revolves so you can turn the angle of the pruner blades without twisting your arm. Blades are replaceable and can be sharpened.

Product Details

  • bypass blades
  • chrome-plated blades
  • cut & hold feature
  • length: 2ft (60cm)
  • cutting width: 0.15" (48mm)
  • weight: 0.75 lbs (0.3kg)


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