Black Jute Twine 120m

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Have you ever noticed that black-coloured items tend to be less visible in the garden? Fence panels, plant supports, twine!

I decided to trial Nutscene's black twine next season to see if it's more invisible than natural or green. I'll keep you posted on that - in the meantime, here are a few extra spools if you fancy trying some yourself.

Nutscene Jute Twines have many uses in the garden: staking and plant support, tying-on tender stems, marking out lines for sowing.

Nutscene jute twine is thick, strong and unspools without tangles. It's the best! Produced and manufactured in Scotland since 1922. Harvested from renewable resources and 100% biodegradable and safe to compost. 

    Product Details

    • length of spool: 394ft (120m)
    • length of tin: 4.5" (11.5cm) 
    • width of tin: 3.5" (9cm)
    • weight: 1 lb (0.45kg)
    • 3-ply Jute Twine
    • soft and pliable; doesn't cut into plant stems
    • jute is a vegetable fibre grown from the genus Corchorus
    • store in dry conditions and out of sunlight