GR Pro Barracuda Clippers

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Barracuda clippers are a bit like a cross between small hedging shears and large secateurs and are used primarily for topiary work.

This is a one-handed tool that's easy to carry on your tool belt for detailed shaping, finessing tight curves and angles, and light touch-ups.

Unlike topiary clippers, barracudas are tough enough to cut through smaller woody growth so they are a perfect tool for renovating old boxwood topiary and hedges. Not as tough as a pair of secateurs though.

We've found they also do a darned good job of cutting down ornamental grasses and tough herbaceous material.

 Product Details

  • S58C carbon steel
  • blade length: 4.3" (110 mm)
  • total length 10.8" (275 mm)
  • weight: 0.7 lbs (317 g)
  • made in Japan
  • comes with spare spring