GR Pro Secateurs - Lefties

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Just for lefties!

These ‘double yellows’ are a lightweight and very nicely balanced pair of secateurs, made from one piece of steel, blade to handle, and are super sharp! All of which lessens repetitive strain for the professional gardener who is frequently using secateurs for long stretches of time. It also means that you never have to replace the blades - clean and sharpen regularly and they will last you a lifetime.

The Niwaki GR Pro range has been designed and manufactured in Japan to provide a more readily available alternative to the hard-to-get Tobisho products. Very similar design, size and feel.

The locking mechanism (the clasp at the bottom of the handles) is very deliberate and easy to use, even with gloves on and only one hand free (push the lock against your hip). And, the lock never accidentally engages, unlike some secateur brands.

The yellow handles are easy to find if you put them down in the garden. Or, they can be removed if you prefer a more traditional metal look for your snips and secateurs.

Niwaki sharpening stones recommended for this model. The steel sharpens easily but they are not suitable for heavy hacking, and definitely not for opening paint cans!

  • KA70 carbon steel
  • Std 8"/20cm and 0.5lbs/239g - for most hands
  • Large 9"/23cm – only for extra-large hands
  • comes with a spare spring