Great Dixter Tickling Fork

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In a cottage-style garden where borders are packed with plants and self-sowers are essential, and mulching is not an appropriate technique for weed suppression, this fork allows you to tiptoe through the border and reach into tight spaces between plants to weed and work amendments into the soil. The long handle enables you to do this without crouching or bending, reducing back strain and damage to surrounding plants. An essential tool for borders packed with plants.

This tool is modelled on an original belonging to Fergus Garrett, head gardener at Great Dixter, who was given the tool by a fisherman in North Wales. Everyone who used it fell in love with it so it was copied and adapted by Sneeboer for Fergus, according to his specifications. They’ve given it a slightly longer handle and the central tine was extended to give greater precision when dealing with individual weeds. The head is angled perfectly, to make it flow from your arms and feel a part of body. A narrow, light handle makes it easy to use and flat tines allow you greater contact with the soil.

Great Dixter Collection:  The tools in the Great Dixter Collection have been designed by gardeners at Great Dixter. Sneeboer donates a portion of revenues from the sale of every Great Dixter tool back to Great Dixter - to maintain an important piece of English heritage.

Product Information:

  • Width of Head: 13cm, 5.1 inches
  • Length of Handle: 125cm, 49 inches
  • Total Length: 144cm, 56.7 inches
  • Number of Spikes: 3
  • Length of Spikes: 14.5cm, 5.7 inches
  • Weight: 1.10kg, 2.42 lbs