Slim 3-Step Ladder

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Wouldn't you know it, Hasegawa makes indoor step ladders too! And they are just as brilliant and sturdy and light as the outdoor tripod ladders. Couldn't resist bringing in a few!

This 'slim' model is my favourite:  its claim to fame is that it folds up to a mere 2"/5 cm wide and will easily slip into a small gap between appliances or cupboards. Super easy to have it close to hand in the kitchen without it taking up valuable storage space!

Its second great feature is that it has deep steps so you don't have to stand and balance on a narrow rail. Which also makes it easier to keep your balance while reaching for the top cupboard or standing on the ladder for longer periods of time.

Available in 2-step or 3-step.


Top Plate size: 10.25″ x 13″
Open: W19.25″ x H39.75″ x D33.5″
Closed: W19.25″ x H43″ x D2″
Weight: 13.75lbs
Capacity: 220lbs
Materials: Aluminum with anodized treatment