Mini Spools

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So many fun choices! Our in-store basket is chock full of mini spools of Nutscene 3-ply Jute Twine in a huge range of colours (18 options to be specific).

If you're ordering online, please add a note to your order at checkout to tell us which colours you want.

Want the whole set? Check out the Wooden Crate of Mini Spools.

Nutscene jute twine is thick, strong and unspools without tangles. It's the best! Produced and manufactured in Scotland since 1922. Harvested from renewable resources and 100% biodegradable and safe to compost. 

Product Details

  • 3-ply Jute Twine
  • 0.07" (2mm) thickness
  • 42" (13m) spool length
  • store in dry conditions and out of sunlight
  • colours will fade in strong sunlight