GR Pro Lightweight

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These secateurs are lighter and smaller than the standard-sized GR Pro, Okatsune and Tobisho secateurs - we trialed them in response to many requests for secateurs suitable for smaller/weaker/stiff/aging hands.

Turns out they're also excellent for floristry work when you're cutting a mix of soft and woody stems (so you don't have to repeatedly change tools). Also works as a bit of an all-in-one if you don’t want to carry both secateurs and snips with you in the garden.

The blade is slimmer than a standard set of secateurs but thicker than a set of snips, which means a little less cutting strength but gives the ability to fit into tighter spots as you would with your snips.

Same superior Japanese-style locking clasp at the bottom of the handles as the Okatsune and Tobisho models, but the spring is not as stiff nor is the spread as wide. Same smooth action and carefully shaped handles for easier grip.  

Niwaki sharpening stones recommended for this model. Comes with a spare spring.

Product Information

  • Total weight: 0.4 lbs (190 g)
  • Total length: 7.25" (185 mm) 
  • KA70 carbon steel