Okatsune Fruit Snips

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These snips have shorter, narrow, curved blades designed especially for harvesting fruit - the rounded tips mean less chance that you'll damage your fruit by poking them with pointy snips or the bulkier blades of secateurs. Use them with the blades curved away from the fruit.

These snips are smaller and less bulky than regular secateurs and are designed for light, detailed work. The long skinny blades allow you to get into tight spaces and make precise cuts.

Their smaller size and rounded tips allow you to carry them in your pockets without doing damage, but I like to carry them in my pouch so I always know where they are. They also fit perfectly in a single holster, and I sometimes snug them into my double holster with my hori hori.

  • 1" blades (2.5cm)
  • 6.25" long (16cm)
  • 110g