Rose Benders

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We had these rose benders, or hoops, custom designed for training shrub roses, inspired by the rose pruning and training techniques at Sissinghurst Castle Garden in the UK. 

Using benders is a common technique in England, although they generally use lengths of coppiced hazel. Benders are positioned around the skirts of the roses and the long new growth is bent horizontally and tied to the benders. This stimulates the dormant buds along the stems for maximum flowering.

Since we don’t have a local supply of wood appropriate for this job, these are a great alternative. They are handmade from raw iron that develops a beautiful rusty patina when left outside. They are maintenance free and can permanently stay in gardens or containers year-round for winter interest.

Check out my blog post about Sissinghurst's rose training techniques.

Height:  40"/102cm
Width:  28"/71cm

Made in Canada