Smith’s Leather Balm

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Organic leather balm for our holsters and toolbelts, made from simple, non-toxic ingredients - cocoa butter, beeswax and sweet almond oil, that’s it!

Directions for use: 

Start with leather that is clean and dry. Use it to protect and extend the life of your leather, or to make worn leather look new. 

Because it is made from non-toxic ingredients, Smith's Leather Balm can be applied by hand, without a rag - but you can use one if you want! Rub very small amounts into the leather until all areas are covered (see video below). Test on a hidden patch to preview results before applying to the entire item.

To extend the life of your leather holster or toolbelt, treat them with oil at least once per year. I know we're gardeners and our gear is always getting dirty, but there may be a few of you out there who want to keep their leather in more pristine condition; in which case, treat scuffs and scratches as they appear.