Tie-dyed Bandanas

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Every gardener needs a bandana don't they?

Keep your neck warm on chilly mornings, soak it in cold water to cool you down on hot days, or tie it round your head to keep the hair out of your eyes.

This is a lovely range of organic cotton bandanas, tie-dyed with homegrown plants by local mother & daughter duo, Rachael Carroll and Candace Pritchard. Their dye sources are collected from their own gardens, fallen debris or simple vegetable leftovers.

Because each bandana is unique, we have grouped them by colour. There may be some slight variation in colours, and there are several different patterns. Not all patterns are available in all colours. Please refer to the photos to see examples of the different colours and patterns.

If you shop online, we will select one at random in the colour you select, or call us so we can pick the one you like. Even better, come to our Victoria HQ to choose the perfect one for you!

Product Details

Size:      21"/53cm square
Fabric:  100% organic cotton, dyed with plant materials

Dye Plants:
Indigo (blue) - indigofera tinctoria
Marigold (yellow) - marigold, pomegranate skins, gardenia, Japanese kariyasu grass
Iron (grey) - iron, rosemary
Iris (purple) - irises, logwood bark
Crabapple (peachy pink) - crabapples, avocado pits and skins, madder