Zenbu Pouch

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Here's a pouch that has room for a notebook! For you Great Dixter fans, you know that writing things down in a notebook is highly encouraged - plant names, combinations, work to be done, plants to buy. I duly picked up the habit from my visits there, and it is an excellent memory aid.

I've tried using my phone for notes, but I find typing things is slow (and you have to take your gloves off). And if I talk my notes to siri, he inevitably mangles latin plant names and I wind up with an incomprehensible muddle. So an old-school notebook it is.

But the problem with a notebook, speaking from experience, is where to put it? Rarely do I have a pocket big enough to hold anything but a teeny-tiny notebook. Which is okay, but a bit limiting. And it tends to get scrunched up, wet and dirty throughout the day. So I was excited to see this new introduction from Niwaki which will accommodate a slightly larger notebook as well as whatever combination of other gear you want to add to it!


  • 3.5mm leather (0.13")
  • L 30 (11.8") x W 17.5 cm (6.8")
  • 21cm (8.2") inner pocket
  • 16.5cm (6.5") outer pocket