Gardener's Kit update

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Now that I have been to the top of a Hasegawa 8 foot platform tripod, I realize there is no comparison between the rickety ladders I've been climbing up and down all my life and this magnificent, shining creation from Japan. My old ladders now sit idle while my Hasegawa and I roam the garden looking for projects.

Gary Lewis, Owner of Phoenix Perennials in Richmond, BC

The ladders are so well constructed and safe to be on, once a customer buys one they are almost immediately back for another in a different height. Many have swapped out their entire fleet for Hasegawas. In our store, it's all about the right tool for the job and we don't sell cheap low grade equipment. We offer top name brands with a proven history. We sell solutions that are productive and safe and that is exactly what Hasegawa offers.

John Dunn, Sales Manager, Fraser Valley Equipment, Surrey, BC

I love my Hasegawa ladder because it feels sturdy and safe. It's lightweight, so it's easy to carry around and load into my truck by myself. Definitely worth the investment. Every fruit tree pruning season when I'm standing on my ladder all day long I'm always super happy that I purchased a Hasegawa ladder.

Monica Dockerty, Horticulturalist, Duncan, BC

Hasegawa ladders are truly top of the line. Our staff have expressed how safe they feel when using them while performing all forms of landscape shrub and tree maintenance. We would never go back to out old orchard ladders ever again.

Chris O'Donohue, President of the Great Canadian Landscaping Company Ltd. North Vancouver, BC

As a home gardener I wasn't sure if a Hasegawa was right for us. Despite its fabulous design, would we use it? Well, we do: to prune hedges, to reach overhanging branches safely, to deal with a wild Rosa banksia and even wash windows. The tripod style footing means we can position it between plants and still feel stable and secure. I love ours. In fact, I should probably set it up in the arbour this week and tame those sweet peas!

Christin Geall, @cultivatedbychristin, Urban Flower Farmer and Garden Writer, Victoria, BC

Who We Are

Gardener's Kit is operated by Susanne Osmond,  a professional gardener from Victoria, BC.  She discovered Hasegawa tripod ladders on a working trip to England, and thought them so brilliant that she started importing and selling them.

Gardener's Kit comes out of the foray into the world of ladders. And making the acquaintance of Jake Hobson from Niwaki, the UK distributor of Hasegawa tripod ladders and seller of loads of great Japanese tools.

After several trips to England, returning with large bundles of high quality, seriously great gardening tools not available in Canada, Susanne figured that other Canadian gardeners must also be looking for these specialty tools.

Her brother, Steve Osmond, also a gardener, is a big fan of the ladders and helps out with the ladder biz in Vancouver.

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