Winter Gloves

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Here's a new cozy winter gardening glove from Niwaki that will keep your hands warm, and dry! Fleece-lined and waterproofed with a rubber coating. Watch out for thorns though - the waterproof coating isn’t thornproof and you won't want to spring a leak!

Comes in four sizes, so they should fit everyone. 


Measure across the middle of your hand in cm to find your size.  We recommend moving up a size if you're in the middle because they do fit quite snugly. Each size has a different coloured band around the base of the cuff.

  • 7cm  • 七  • Small: purple cuff
  • 8cm  • 八  • Medium: green cuff
  • 9cm  • 九  • Large: brown cuff
  • 10cm  • 十 • Extra Large: yellow cuff
  • rubber coated
  • 0.3lbs (139g)