Layer C Bulbs

Layer C (top layer) - 2" from the top of the pot

- use this layer for small, early spring ephemerals like crocus, muscari, snowdrops, scilla, chionodoxa, species tulips, etc.

- i like to do a mass plantings of one bulb to provide a solid block of nectar resources for early-emerging pollinators

- spacing:  0.5"-1" apart

- cover with 2" of potting soil

- anchor a sheet of heavy-gauge chicken wire over the top to prevent critters from digging up and stealing your bulbs over the winter

- water lightly so that soil is moist but not totally saturated

- if possible, store in a sheltered location so your pot doesn't get totally sodden during periods of heavy rainfall. do water lightly, once a month, if its not getting any rain

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