ARS Heavy Duty & Long Reach Pole Pruner

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This is an excellent tool for extending your reach when the ladder won't get you there. Like secateurs on a pole, these long aluminum pruners are ultra lightweight for minimal shoulder and neck strain.

We use them for deadheading tall shrubs (think lilacs), for fruit tree pruning, wisteria whips, and many other plants.

This 7' long model has a 

bigger, thicker blade, mounted on an angle, and a thicker arm to provide extra strength and durability. The 180-degree revolving arm allows you to manoeuvre the blade to get the right cutting angle. 

Bypass blades are replaceable and can be sharpened to keep them in good cutting form throughout your pruning season. They can make cuts up to ¾” in diameter.

Note:  This model does not have a telescoping pole so the length is not adjustable.

Product Details

  • drop-forged blades
  • hard-chrome plating
  • cutting capacity: 3/4" (1.9cm) diameter
  • reach: 7' (2.1m)
  • weight: 2.58 lbs (1.17kg)

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