Cleaning & Sharpening


Keep them clean, keep them sharp. Surprisingly, it's not that hard!

Pruning Tools

We recommend that you clean, sharpen, oil - in that order.

How Often?

It's a common question - how often should I sharpen my cutting tools? Short answer is, it depends how frequently you use your tools and how rough you are with them.

Here are recommendations based on frequent use; you can judge from there if you don't use your tools often.

Secateurs:  every couple of weeks if you use them daily.

Shears:  daily, or even throughout the day, when you’re using them intensively. Especially if clipping boxwood.

Saws:  it is recommended that you don't sharpen impulse-hardened blades because it is difficult to do so without removing the extra hardness from the steel.

For more detailed cleaning and sharpening instructions, and which gear to use for which tool, click here.

Digging, Weeding, Raking Tools

To keep your tools in top condition, Sneeboer recommends treating wooden-handled tools twice a year. One of those times should be at the end of the season before you put them away for the winter. All brand new Sneeboer wooden handles should be oiled before you use them the first time.