Garden Tool Brush

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This special brush from Redecker is designed to remove soil and mud from gardening tools - the stiff plant fibre bristles won't scratch or damage metal, paintwork or wood.

It also has a wooden scraper on the end for removing caked on mud from tools and boots!

We recommend that you regularly clean your cultivation tools after use - spades, hoes, forks, rakes, trowels and other hand tools - to prevent rusting of steel parts and swelling of wooden handles/shafts. Its especially important after wet, mucky working days. Always dry tools that have been wet before storing.

  • Use a stiff scrubbing brush to remove any soil from the tool head and handle.
  • Extremely muddy tools may need a wash down with a hose, and then dry with an old towel.
  • Drying prevents wooden handles from absorbing water and swelling, and prevents metal from rusting.
  • Occasional oiling may be required to condition wood and help prevent rusting.

Product Details

  • length: 11.4" (29cm)
  • oiled beechwood handle
  • union fibre bristles