8' Platform Tripod Ladder

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Platform Model:

The last step (at safe standing height) is a deeper standing platform, and the upper portion of the ladder is a "crow’s nest" that you can lean into for added support and comfort. It also has an extra railing at the top - to hang onto or lean into.

This model is ideal for jobs where you are standing on the ladder for long periods of time. I often recommend it for people who aren't so comfortable on ladders. Or for companies that want to enforce safe standing height rules.

Available sizes: 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’

UNIQUE FEATURES (different from Original Model)

  • steps end at safe standing height
  • deeper standing platform supports your feet comfortably
  • "crow's nest" structure provides added support and comfort, and eliminates the common complaint of bruised shins from leaning into the rungs
  • extra railing at the top - use it for extra support to lean into or hang onto the ladder

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Tripod Ladder Features

  • no wobble due to the stable tripod design with extra-wide base
  • extremely lightweight, made from hollow aluminum
  • back leg is telescoping which allows you to keep the steps level when working on slopes and steps (robust spring-loaded pin adjusts quickly and easily up to 1.5 feet, in 6 inch increments)
  • a safety chain attaches the back leg to the main frame (so the back leg will never slip out and collapse the ladder)
  • safety chain can be unhooked to allow you to thread the back leg through the crown of a tree or into a hedge
  • cupped feet do not sink into soft ground
  • ANSI rated for commercial use, type 1A, 300 lb.
  • all hand-welded (no screws or rivets which are common failure points)
  • extruded aluminum construction is strong and weatherproof (does not rust)
  • deep double rungs eliminate foot fatigue (you don't have to curl your toes around narrow rungs)
  • open steps allow mud and water to fall to the ground so steps do not get slippery
  • includes rubber shoes for use on hard surfaces or indoors (to prevent slipping or marking of hardscapes and floors)
  • safety catch holds back leg in folded position for carrying
  • full safety and user instructions included as factory fitted stickers
  • 1 year Manufacturers warranty


    Download Safety & User Manual