Gardening Gloves

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A thin gardening glove that gives you a little protection from the elements AND lets you feel what you're doing!

Great for fine-detail work that requires a high level of manual dexterity. I'm looking forward to trying these out for rose pruning and training this winter - one of those jobs that you do when its cold but you end up having to take your gloves on and off to cut and tie twine. 

The nylon/spandex liner is breathable, the nitrile coating is grippy but not too grippy, and the fit of the fingers and cuffs is just right. Comes in four sizes, so they should fit everyone. 


Measure across the middle of your hand in cm to find your size.  We recommend moving up a size if you're caught in the middle because they do fit quite snugly. Each size has a different coloured band around the base of the cuff.
  • 7cm  • 七  • Small: purple cuff
  • 8cm  • 八  • Medium: green cuff
  • 9cm  • 九  • Large: brown cuff
  • 10cm  • 十 • Extra Large: yellow cuff
  • 15G nylon/spandex liner
  • black micro foam nitrile coating