Golden Flat Shovel

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Introducing the "Golden" version of the flat shovel.

Cousin to the ever-popular and economical Golden Shovel, this is also a strong yet extremely lightweight tool. Lightweight is a most welcome feature when shovelling yards of heavy gravel, sand or compost.

Holds more material than a standard shovel if you like to power through a pile, and the flat edge allows you to easily scoop up material.

I like the short shaft and d-handle for shovelling and spreading from a wheelbarrow, it's less strain on the back and shoulders when the shovel is held closer to the body.

The comfortable d-handle is made of tubular steel and the rigid steel pipe shaft won’t bend or flex under heavy loads.

Please note - the wide, flat blade means this is not a good tool for digging. Check out the Golden Spade if you need to dig holes.


Product Details

  • total length: 38" (96cm)
  • length of head: 10" (26cm)
  • width: 1.3" (3.4mm)
  • weight: 4.2lbs (1.92kg)
  • steel pipe shaft, welded to the blade and handle
  • solid tread for digging
  • the gold paint may wear off over time
  • steel
  • made in Japan