GR Pro Barracudas

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Barracuda clippers are a clever one-handed tool, a bit like a cross between small hedging shears and large secateurs. Extremely useful for the detailed shaping and finessing of tight curves and angles involved in topiary and box hedging work.

Unlike topiary clippers, barracudas are tough enough to cut through smaller woody growth so they are a perfect tool for renovating old boxwood or other shaped shrubs . Not as tough as a pair of secateurs though so use accordingly!

Also great for trimming lavender and other herbs, or cutting down ornamental grasses and tough herbaceous material.

Best for medium-large, strong hands - this is a bigger tool with a wide spread. We recommend GR Pro Clippers for smaller hands. Same tool, sized down.

 Product Details

  • S58C carbon steel
  • blade length: 4.3" (110mm)
  • total length 10.8" (275mm)
  • max cut: Ø10mm
  • weight: 0.7lbs (317g)
  • made in Japan
  • comes with spare spring

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