Herbaceous Sickle

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Used in Japan for hand-harvesting rice, but some bright spark realised that the same thing works brilliantly for cutting down herbaceous perennials and grasses in ornamental gardens.

Serrated blade copes with tough, dry stalks: grab a handful, cut with a sawing action. Covers more ground than you would 'chop, chop, chopping' with secateurs. Makes for a healthy change of motion for the cutting hand and wrist.

Product Details

  • blade length: 6.2" (160mm)
  • dimensions: 12 x 0.9 x 1.1" (320 x 23 x 29mm)
  • weight: 0.17lbs (82g)
  • carbon steel
  • poplar handles
  • made in Japan
  • includes vinyl sheath