Karikomi Shears

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This is one very special pair of shears for all you topiary and cloud pruning enthusiasts.

Karikomi Shears have curved blades that are perfect for navigating the contours of cloud pruned topiary and wavy hedges, shaping box balls, and larger-scale yew clipping. Perhaps unexpectedly, they are also an excellent tool for guiding less confident topiary trimmers to achieve smooth curved shapes.

The white paper shirogami steel blades sharpen to an incredible edge, which is essential for clean cuts and a smooth finish. Not meant for cutting woody plant material, just soft green growth.

Longer oak handles extend your reach; these are large full-size shears meant for larger pruning projects. The shears have excellent overall balance and strength and those sharp, curved blades provide precision and lightness of touch. 

Product Details

  • 1.8 lbs (855g)
  • 9.4" (240mm) blades
  • Shirogami White Paper Steel
  • Japanese White Oak handles