Niwaki Topiary Shears

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These are beautiful specialty shears, designed for box clipping, topiary and other soft green growth. Not intended to be used for hacking back the overgrown laurel hedge!

The long Aogami Blue Paper Steel blades that are exceptionally sharp and well-balanced. Slender, smooth white oak handles. Jake Hobson’s go-to shears for summer boxwood clipping. 

Size and weight more appropriate for a stronger upper body, they are more solid than the Okatsunes and ARS. But a pleasure to use.

Niwaki sharpening stones recommended for this model.

Product Details

  • Aogami Blue Paper Steel blades
  • blade length: 9.5" (24cm)
  • total length: 22.5" (57cm)
  • total weight: 0.81 kg (810g)
  • made in Japan

Check out the Niwaki Shear Tool Care for information on how to sharpen and care for your shears

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