Okatsune Secateurs

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Winner of the Peoples Choice Award for Best New Product at the 2018 CanWest Horticultural Expo.

These secateurs are the industry standard in Japan - I really like the simple design. They're extremely sharp and strong, and make clean cuts with a satisfying 'chunking' sound.

The locking mechanism is their best feature (the clasp at the bottom of the handles) - its very deliberate and easy to use, even with gloves on. The lock never accidentally engages like it did on my old Felcos - which drove me crazy! I only use the Okatsune now.

Red and white handles make them easy to find if you put them down in the garden. Clean and sharpen regularly and they’ll last you a lifetime.

Design works for lefties and righties.

All Okatsune secateurs come with a spare spring, although I haven’t needed mine yet and I’ve been using my secateurs for several years. Holsters sold separately.

Sharpening - the Okatsune 400 grit sharpening stone is recommended.

3 Sizes:

Length Max Cut Weight Fits
Small 7"/17.8cm Ø10mm 0.4lbs/183g small hands
Medium 8”/20.3cm Ø15mm 0.5lbs/230g average sized hands
Large 9”/21cm Ø15mm  0.52lbs/235g big hands, comparable to felco 2


  • Hitachi Yasugi high carbon steel
  • Rockwell hardness 60.0-61.0
  • No.1 choice in Japan for gardeners and landscapers
  • Comes with a spare spring
  • Made in Onomichi, Japan