Okatsune Secateurs

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These secateurs are the industry standard in Japan - I like the simple design. They're extremely sharp and strong, and make clean cuts with a satisfying 'chunking' sound.

The locking mechanism (the clasp at the bottom of the handles) is very deliberate and easy to use, even with gloves on. The lock never accidentally engages like it did on my other secateurs - which drove me crazy! I only use the Okatsune now.

Red and white handles make them easy to find if you put them down in the garden. The handle and blade are forged from a single piece of steel so you need never replace the blades - clean and sharpen regularly and they’ll last you a lifetime.

All Okatsune secateurs come with a spare spring, although I haven’t needed mine yet and I’ve been using my secateurs for several years. 

Winner of the Peoples Choice Award for Best New Product at the 2018 CanWest Horticultural Expo.

3 sizes: small 7", standard  8”,  large 8.25”

Small is perfect for women with small hands, large for big hands, standard for the rest of us. Design works for lefties and righties.


  • Hitachi Yasugi high carbon steel
  • Rockwell hardness 60.0-61.0
  • No.1 choice in Japan for gardeners and landscapers