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Great Dixter Collection

This tool is part of a range specially designed by Great Dixter and is modelled on an historic bulb planter originally designed by Christopher Lloyd’s father, Nathaniel - specifically for planting bulbs in turf. Its ideal for creating naturalistic plantings with bulbs.

The business end is similar to a hand-held bulb planter, but this hand-forged, stainless steel version is so much more robust. The wooden shaft is similar in length to a spade and it is used from a standing position. The wide handle is easy to grip and gives you enough strength to drive the head of the tool directly into the turf with ease. The tapered head is angled just so – which means that the plug is pushed out effectively each time.

This is a solid, well-built tool that makes bulb planting in turf an enjoyable task. Far superior to crawling around on hands and knees with a flimsy hand-held bulb planter, a hori hori or trowel (all of which quickly take a toll on your wrists, and knees). Or endlessly digging out squares of turf.

How to they use the bulb planter at Great Dixter:
We got to try out this tool during my first symposium at Great Dixter – head gardener Fergus Garrett demonstrated how they use it: one person walks through the planting area with the bulb planter, removing plugs wherever they want bulbs (1 bulb/hole for bigger bulbs like Narcissus, 2-3/hole for smaller bulbs like Crocus). One or two others follow with bulbs and a bucket of compost: a little compost is sprinkled into the bottom of each hole to get the correct planting depth, the bulb(s) inserted, and a plug pushed back into the planting hole and pressed into position with a foot. Voila, finished! I had to bring one home with me because I had never seen anything like it. I don’t use it often but, when I do, its an incredible time saver.

The tools in the Great Dixter Collection have been designed by the gardener's at Great Dixter. Sneeboer donates a portion of revenues from the sale of every Great Dixter tool back to Great Dixter - to maintain an important piece of English heritage.

Product Details

• Material of handle: Ash wood
• plug depth 3.5"
• plug width 2.5" narrowing to 1.5"
• Total length 39.5"
• Length of handle 29.5"
• Width of head 7.9"
• Length of head 8.7"
• Weight 1.6 kg