Sneeboer Leaf Rake

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Finally, a rake that won’t break during the rigours of fall leaf raking! I can’t tell you how many poorly-made rakes we go through each year, so I am very excited to introduce this 20 tine rake to my crew this year.

The construction is incredibly strong and robust: the tines are assembled into a solid stainless steel framework and bolted to the solid ash handle with two brass rivets. The handle is long enough that you don’t have to bend over to rake - a great back-saver.

Excellent for raking leaves off lawns, but also has enough power for moss and thatch removal.

Product information

• Width of head 14.5"
• Length of head 3.5"
• Length of handle 59"
• Total length 70"
• Number of tines 20
• Length of tines 9.8"
• Between tines .8"
• Material of handle Ash wood
• Weight 0.8 kg