'Forks & Spades' go together like 'Salt & Pepper'

And we'd like to encourage you to add a fork to your garden kit!

During the month of December, purchase one of these combinations of 'Fork & Spade' or 'Fork & Trowel' and you'll get a little something extra from us!

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Here are some of the many ways we use forks:

1. For weeding, especially perennial weeds that will regenerate from a small piece of root (think bindweed, japanese anemone, goutweed), because it doesn't chop them into little pieces the way a spade does.

2. For loosening compacted soils or mat-forming weeds - plunge a fork in and wiggle it back and forth to loosen the soil, and/or the crowns of the weeds, before pulling them out - makes the weeds easier to remove and can save hours of hand work.

3. Using two forks back-to-back to lever apart dense clumps of roots is a speedy and less damaging way to divide plants.

4. A fork doesn't cut through all of a plant's roots the way a spade does, thus does less damage to the plant and ensures better transplanting results.

5. Last, but not least, a fork is also useful in the veggie garden for lifting root crops, and turning or moving compost.