Tough Touch Gloves

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Gold Leaf Gloves are another find from the UK, it seemed like everyone was talking about them last time I was there. I bought the Dry Touch gloves for myself and my crew to trial, and they were a hit.

Last year, tired of all the thorns lodged in our hands and fingers after pruning climbing roses, we decided we needed to try out the Tough Touch gloves for the prickly, sharp and spiky.

The thick palms and fingers mean that you can grab prickly stems without the thorns poking you through the glove (amazing!), and the long leather cuff protects wrists and forearms from scratches and prickles. Two thumbs up for these!

They are meant to fit snugly in order to provide a high level of dexterity, and the leather is extremely soft and pliable.

Sizes: Standard or Large (in England, Ladies & Gents)

Dry Touch - thin lining & water resistant

Winter Touch - fully lined with thinsulate & ski-dri waterproofing

Tough Touch - excellent protection from thorns & sharp, scratchy stuff

Care Instructions: 

The occasional hand washing in a bowl of warm water, with a few drops of mild dish soap, will do the trick. Give them a good rinse & hang to dry. Less is more when it comes to washing your Gold Leaf gloves in order to maintain the natural oils in the leather.