Our Deluxe Garden Tool Belt is in Fine Gardening Magazine!

Well, here’s a little excitement - our deluxe garden tool belt is featured in the newest issue of Fine Gardening magazine.

Garden Shed contributor Susan Calhoun bought a tool belt from us and we had no idea that she was one of the experts recommending tools for this monthly feature. She definitely liked her purchase!

Here's what she had to say: 

"A tough tool belt that will last forever I have several tools that I keep with me while gardening. For the longest time, I was putting them down in one place and then looking afterward for where I had left them. I used a bucket in the past to carry my tools, but that still required me to go back and forth from my working area to where my tools were. Now I use this deluxe garden tool belt from Gardener's Kit in Canada. With four pockets, it is designed with gardeners in mind. Mine (pictured) carries my pruners, a saw, a paint pen, plant tags and ties, and my weeder. It's adjustable, made of leather, and extremely heavy duty."

Come in to the shop to try one on and see what all the fuss is about yourself!! We're open weekdays 12-5, or by appointment.

Or, if you're out of town, read on, or click on the images below, for all the details on the tool belt.

You can read the full Garden Shed article, or the whole Fine Gardening issue, here:  Fine Gardening Magazine Winter Issue 2021


This leather tool belt is designed specifically to hold gardening tools and it does an ace job of it!

And we are now stocking a version of this belt for lefties. Yay!

I have been test-driving my toolbelt for a couple of years and am so pleased with it - the wide panel spreads the weight of the tools nicely, there is enough room for me to carry all of my essentials, and it is really comfortable to wear.

The one-piece design means that it doesn't slip or slide around on your belt when you bend or crouch.

Custom pockets snugly hold everything you'll need on your maintenance and pruning rounds:  secateurs, snips, scissors, folding saw, hori hori or weeding trowel, keys, phone, cleaning/sharpening bits 'n bobs.

Try pairing it up with the Phone Pouch which keeps your mobile separate, safe and protected from sharp edges, soil and the elements.

Thick, supple, oil-tanned leather is rugged and durable. Double reinforced belt line with a center-bar buckle offers extra support. All buckles and rivets are made of solid brass and won't rust.

Custom-designed and handmade for us by Wheeler Munroe Leather Co.

We recommend Smith's Leather Balm to protect and extend the life of your leather toolbelt or holster.