The King of Spades

Need a heavy-duty digging spade your crew can't break?

The "King of Spades" was first introduced to me by Liam Robinson from Watermark Gardens in Vancouver many moons ago, and has been one of my company's secret weapons for planting and transplanting mature plant material for almost 20 years.

These spades are rough, tough, amazing digging tools that will cut through anything and can be used to lever huge, weighty mature plants out of the ground. My brother the carpenter loves it for trenching and digging post-holes in hard ground.

I would hazard to say that it is virtually unbreakable. Our original is still going strong after being used by many young, strong crew members over the years, some of whom were very good at breaking shovels and spades in their enthusiasm for digging.

Needless to say, beware irrigation and gas lines! In fact, one of Liam's crew was demonstrating it to me and my brother the first time we met and he hit the gas line in his garden. Yes, there were firetrucks and quite a bit of fuss.

Made of aircraft-quality steel, it is super strong, rust resistant, and comes with a five-year manufacturer's guarantee against breakage under normal use.

There are 3 "King of Spades" options:

Large rubber foot pad can be bolted to either side of the blade step for digging comfort.