We (Bartlett Tree Experts) upgraded our fleet of orchard ladders for our entire Canadian Division two years ago. We needed to step up (no pun) from our previous models, to meet the safety demands from our employees using orchard ladders. We were especially interested in having the adaptability of working off hard surfaces like smooth slippery driveways (with the rubber shoes) and also the adaptability of working off slopes (using the telescoping third leg). These ladders have proven their worth in the field and have provided a safe, stable and secure platform from which to work. They are light, durable and functional - but do need to be treated well. I would recommend this ladder to any gardening, landscaping, and tree service provider.

Gareth Tudor-Jones, Bartlett Tree Experts, Canada, Division Safety & Training Co-ordinator

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We agreed immediately to offer these ladders to our customers the moment we saw them. Their quality and lightweight construction is obvious, but true ‘plantspeople’ will see how they are designed to fit into awkward garden places and allow access for pruning and maintenance!

Thomas Hobbs, Southlands Nursery, Vancouver BC


 photo:  ladders intermingled with plants at Southlands Nursery

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Fine Gardening Magazine, February 2018

Gary Lewis, Owner of Phoenix Perennials Nursery in Richmond BC, selected his Hasegawa 8' platform tripod ladder as his Favourite Tool Pick for 2018.

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Every garden, every gardener should have a Hasegawa ladder. They are light, easy, wholly ergonomic, safe and stable beyond belief - so much so that we try and find an excuse to use them. They are a joy to use and there is nothing out there that betters them.

Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener, Great Dixter, East Sussex, UK


Fergus trying out his new 12' Hasegawa

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As an outdoor power dealer for over 30 years, we are always looking for quality products to offer our customers, be it homeowners, municipal [departments] or professional contractors. A few of our top arborist customers had asked about the Hasegawa brand and when the opportunity presented we jumped on board to become a dealer. The ladders are so well constructed and safe to be on, once a customer buys one they are almost immediately back for another in a different height. Many customers have swapped their entire fleet out from standard orchard ladders to Hasegawas.  While we still offer both styles, the shift to the solid and safe Hasegawa is overwhelming. The Hasegawa is more slightly more expensive but you shouldn’t  put a price on safety:  in our store it’s all about the right tool for the job, and we don’t sell cheap, low-grade equipment; we offer top-name brands with a proven history.  We sell solutions that are productive and safe, and that is exactly what Hasegawa offers.

John Dunn, Sales Manager, Fraser Valley Equipment, Surrey BC


Kara and Lukas from Susanne Osmond Garden Design on the ladders: 10' platform and 16' original


Hasegawa Ladders are truly the top of the line. Our staff have expressed how safe they feel when using them while performing all forms of landscape shrub and tree maintenance. We would never go back to our old orchard ladders ever again. If you need a strong and sturdy ladder for pruning, pressure washing or any other form of maintenance task, you should go with Hasegawa!

Chris O'Donohue, President of The Great Canadian Landscaping Company Ltd, North Vancouver BC


We bought one of your ladders a couple of years ago and we use it all the time. It has really changed our gardening lives, taking away all the anxiety and worry of ladder work and pruning. I fell off a traditional stepladder one year and broke my arm in two places. My family banned me from using ladders after that. But now I climb again and they don’t worry any more. It delights me every time!

Heather W., Vancouver BC

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I love my Hasegawa ladder because it feels sturdy and safe. It’s lightweight so it’s easy to carry around and load into my truck by myself. Definitely worth the investment. Every fruit tree pruning season when I’m standing on my ladder all day long I’m always super happy that I purchased a Hasegawa ladder.

Monica Dockerty, Horticulturalist, Vancouver Island BC



Cahlie from Susanne Osmond Garden Design fruit tree pruning on the 6' platform tripod

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The [Hasegawa] ladder itself is so stable. And wide/deep steps give me more comfort on it. I can comfortably focus on my pruning in any body positions. It is not only about leg comfort, but also handling is so easy. And the rubber shoes are good for surfaces such as hard concrete and fragile moss.

Ryo Sugiyama, Head Gardener, Nitobe Memorial Garden, UBC (traditional Japanese tea and stroll garden)

delivering Hasegawa ladders to Ryo at Nitobe Memorial Garden, UBC

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I would like to thank you and tell you how happy I am with the Hasegawa ladders. I have bought a 6 foot and a 12 foot Hasagawa ladder from you and I have found them safer and easier to use than other ladders that I have used in past. Not to mention the quality. Also speaking of quality, I have purchased Okatsune secateurs, a hori hori, a double holster, belt, and tool bag. To do quality work you need quality products and you sell quality. Many thanks.

Tom Gardner, Gardner Property Maintenance, Victoria BC


ladders on display


We use the ladders around the nursery and our staff really like them.  They are lightweight and sturdy and the wide rungs are comfortable to stand on. They are popular with our customers and the range of sizes makes it easy to get the right one for the job.  Highly recommended!

Sue Tice, Co-Owner, Russell Nursery, Sidney BC

As a home gardener I wasn’t sure if a Hasegawa was right for us. Despite its fabulous design, would we use it? Well, we do: to prune hedges, to reach overhanging branches safely, to deal with a wild Rosa banksia and even wash windows. The tripod-style footing means we can position it between plants and still feel stable and secure. I love ours. In fact, I should probably set it up in the arbour this week and tame those sweet peas!

Christin Geall from Cultivated, @cultivatedbychristin, urban flower farmer and garden writer, Victoria BC

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We have been carrying Hasegawa Tripod Ladders for 2 seasons with positive feedback from all who have looked at them. Having used the old fashion tripod ladders myself, these ladders are in a class of their own with safety features, lightweight and ability to adjust for uneven terrain. I have sold some ladders to painters and for building maintenance. It is a versatile product.

Bernie Dinter, Owner, Dinter Nurseries, Duncan BC

photo:  ladders on display at Dinter Nurseries

Totally loving it. So easily handled in low, narrow, awkward spots and light like a feather. I love to show off carrying it along my house on the sidewalk, imagining men feeling intimidated due to my strength! :) Finally, a big ladder for women!

Kathi Prochotsky, Vancouver BC


ladder order loaded and ready for delivery


When Susanne Osmond, one of our favourite garden designers and landscapers, told me she was importing "amazing" tripod ladders from Japan I thought to myself "How different can a ladder be? My step ladders work just fine". Now that I have been to the top of one of her Hasegawa 8 foot platform tripods I realize there is no comparison between the rickety ladders I've been climbing up and down all my life and this magnificent, shining creation from Japan.

The stability of this ladder is greatly reassuring; plus, the tripod design allows me to get in close to where I need to be. My old ladders now sit idle while my Hasegawa and I roam the garden looking for projects.

Gary Lewis, Owner of Phoenix Perennials in Richmond BC

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