Use your Sneeboer Tools properly

The most common damage we see are broken wooden handles. Generally we see this when the tools have been used to pry or leverage on plants that are too big. The steel heads are so strong that when enough force is applied to the handle, the wooden handle snaps. 

  • Ensure you are using the correct tools for the job and size of the plant. Lots of plants have large root bases that smaller tools cannot cope with 
  • Do not pry or leverage, these are not crowbars.
  • Do not leave tools out in the elements and be sure to use linseed oil to protect and waterproof the handles.
  • Sneeboer tools are built to last but their warranty does not cover wear through heavy or misuse.

Broken handles can happen, replacement handles are available. Send us an email with some photos and brief description of what work you were doing when the snap happened: Contact Us