Activated EM 1L

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Activated EM is a live probiotic liquid mixture of important beneficial microorganisms that work cooperatively to provide tremendous benefits for soil and plants.

It stimulates natural processes to benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient use efficiency, stress tolerance, plant health, and composting processes.

EM works really well when combined with biostimulants such as mycorrhizal fungi, humic acids and seaweed extracts. 

    Every batch of Activated EM is a little different. It is always bottled fresh, so you may find it a bit fizzy on arrival. Just loosen the cap to let the gas escape, then close again tightly.

    How much do you need?

    Preferably, effective microorganisms are applied in smaller, regular doses, such as monthly or even weekly. Apply it to plants as a foliar spray or as a root soak to the soil zone directly surrounding the roots (the rhizosphere).

    On its own, use between 1/3 cup and 1/2 cup per 1000 square feet, mixed in at least 100 times as much water for soil applications and 250 times as much water for foliar applications.

    I like to use EM in a spraytank mix. See recipes here.

    How long does it keep? Activated EM is good for at least 6 months, and can last well over a year if stored correctly. Keep the cap on tight, store at room temperature, protected from frost, heat, and direct light. Mix and use only what you need to apply on the same day. The diluted product doesn’t keep long.

    If a few yeasty white flakes develop floating at the surface, this is a normal part of the fermentation process. Over time, a layer of sediment can form at the bottom, which is also normal.