ARS Featherlight Pole Saw

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We use pole saws a lot when we're pruning trees on ladders - it really increases your reach when you have to work from the edge of the canopy.

The ARS pole saws are incredibly lightweight, extend in length, and come with blades that are Marquench-hardened for a long-lasting razor sharp edge (better google it!) and are treated for rust and sap resistance.

The poles have parallel walls (instead of round) which makes the pole stronger and minimizes sway when fully extended.

Comes in two sizes, replacement blades available.

GARDENER'S KIT TIP:  As much as possible, I recommend minimizing the amount of time you use a pole saw from the ground (or reaching straight up) - save your body and use a ladder to get yourself level with, or above, the branch that you are cutting.

2 Sizes:
LONG:  6'-9' (1800-2700mm)
SHORT:  4'-6' (1200-1800mm)

Product Details

  • tooth pitch: 0.15" (4mm)
  • tooth thickness: 0.04" (1.2mm)
  • overall length LONG:  6'-9' (1800-2700mm)
  • overall length SHORT:  4'-6' (1200-1800mm)
  • weight LONG:  2.2 lbs (1kg)
  • weight SHORT:  1.7 lbs (0.75kg)

Sawing Tips & Saw Care