Camellia Oil & Dispenser

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Camellia oil is the traditional Japanese choice for lubricating tools and protecting them from rust. Use it lightly as a protective coating after cleaning and sharpening. Much more pleasant, and benign, than using petroleum products. It is odourless and tasteless - don’t drink it though, its mixed with paraffin.

I highly recommend purchasing it with the dispenser - its a very sensible addition because the camellia oil comes out of its bottle very quickly. The dispenser allows you to apply just the right amount without wastage or spillage.

Gardener's Kit tip:  Use the dispenser on clean tools so that the wick doesn't get stained and soiled. Which it will when used on dirty tools. No need to rub too hard, gentle use will prolong the life of the wick.   

  • Camellia oil:  100ml
  • Dispenser with cotton wadding & wick
  • Made from the seeds of Camellia japonica

    Directions for use:

    To fill the dispenser, twist it open and half fill the lower chamber with camellia oil. Leave the cotton wadding in the bottom, it helps to wick up the oil.

    Use sparingly, 100ml should last for years.

    Part of our Cleaning Kit which is stocked with all the essential tools for cleaning & sharpening your kit!