Crean Mate

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Similar to the abrasive cleaning block, this is a super handy and portable rust and sap eraser, used to clean off the gunk that inevitably builds up on the blades of secateurs, shears and snips. Which, if not removed, makes your clippers sticky and slows down the cutting action.

I was initially put off by the price tag on this direct-from-Japan product, but my crew unanimously agrees that this works like a dream. So decided to offer it as an alternative for the discriminating among you!

These are small enough to tuck into a pocket or pouch, and I like to have mine with me all the time so I can touch up my tools as needed. When we’re doing a lot of pruning or cutting we often have to clean and sharpen our blades daily.

Best used wet.

Two Sizes 

Crean Mate Mini Crean Mate
weight 65g 29g
dimensions 66 x 41 x 19mm 18 x 18 x 20mm