Deluxe Leather Belt

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This sturdy leather belt is designed to work with the Deluxe Double Holster if you don't already have a gardening belt.

The thick, supple, oil-tanned leather is rugged and durable. Double reinforced with a center-bar buckle. Buckle and rivets are made of solid brass and won't rust.

Sizing: S/M/L

Size is based on belt line measurements*, not standard pant waist sizes.

I like to wear my tool belt over top of whatever gardening gear I'm wearing - sweaters, rain gear, jackets - for ease of access and removal. If you like to do the same, make sure you take that into account when choosing a size.

Small - 34" - 38.5" belt line measurement

Medium - 37" - 41.5" belt line measurement

Large - 40" - 44.5" belt line measurement

*How to measure your belt line:  For accurate sizing, take a soft tape and measure your belt line, over your clothes, at the point where you will wear THIS belt. There are a total of 5 buckle holes on these belts so that you will have room to adjust according to the bulkiness of your clothing.

XS and XL sizing available to order, please contact us by email to place an order.