Felco Lightweight Loppers

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I have happily been using Felco loppers for 20 plus years. I clearly remember reading a list of tool recommendations in Gardens Illustrated, by the garden designer Dan Pearson, which sang the praises of Felco loppers and likened pruning with them to 'slicing through soft butter with a knife'. I was sold!

This is a new compact model - lighter and shorter with a slimmer cutting blade, excellent for use in tight spaces because the short handles won't get caught up in surrounding branches or plant growth. The lighter weight means that they are much more manageable for folks who don't have as much upper body strength as the heavier models require.

Product Details

  • max cut diameter: Ø1.38" (Ø35mm) 
  • total length: 15.75" (400mm)
  • weight: 1.57lbs (713g)