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I have happily been using Felco loppers for 20 plus years. I clearly remember reading a list of tool recommendations in Gardens Illustrated, by the garden designer Dan Pearson, which sang the praises of Felco loppers and likened pruning with them to 'slicing through soft butter with a knife'. I was sold!

Although I have now added Niwaki loppers to our gardening kits, my crew does still use Felcos as well. The design and cutting action is really different between the two of them - the Felcos have a smooth cutting action, with rubber bumpers to cushion the impact of repeated cuts and the blades are replaceable. Whereas the Niwakis are stout with a much bigger blade suitable for making bigger cuts.

The Felcos come in two lengths - 17" short and 25" long. I really like the compact 17" model for pruning in tight spaces or if I want a lighter weight tool; the handles are short enough that they don't get caught up in surrounding branches.

2 sizes:

    Length Max Cut Weight
    Felco 20 16.9"/430mm 1.38"/35mm 1.83lb/0.83kg
    Felco 21  24.8"/630mm 1.38"/35mm 2.49lb/1.13kg

    Product Features

    • heavy-duty design
    • forged aluminium
    • hardened-steel blade
    • rubber shock absorbers
    • powerful lever arm
    • straight cutting head
    • toothed counter-blade
    • ergonomic, non-slip phthalate-free grips
    • blade & all removable parts are replaceable