Kurumi Snips

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Beautiful snips with inlaid walnut handles, you'll want them not only for their simple utility, but also for their aesthetic.

These snips are smaller and lighter than most of our other models, and are well-suited to smaller or older hands.

Snips are intended just for light trimming work, you should only be cutting soft green growth with them. Great for deadheading, cutting flowers, harvesting veg, and floristry work. The long, narrow pointed blades offer more precision and accuracy than secateurs, but they are not as strong as secateurs.

Packaged in a stylish presentation box. Pair them up with the matching secateurs for a lovely gift.

Product Details

  • KA70 carbon steel
  • blade length: 2.2" (57mm)
  • total length: 8" (20cm)
  • max cut: Ø5mm
  • weight: 0.4lbs (180g)
  • made in Japan