Kelpgrow Liquid Kelp Fertiliser

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Liquid kelp fertiliser contains over 70 trace minerals.

The gentle N-P-K values make this natural, whole-food, broad-spectrum fertiliser essential to plants and the soil food web.

More importantly, it is an excellent source of cytokinins and auxins, two essential plant growth hormones. It also contains vitamins, natural chelating agents, and amino acids.

Cytokinins improve soil tilth, regulate cell division and cell wall formation, increase photosynthesis and chlorophyll production, improve root and shoot growth, and delay senescence in the fall (when plants prepare for winter, dropping leaves, losing colour, etc.).

Auxins regulate cell elongation and mainly stimulate adventitious rooting, and promote fruit development.

This concentrate is one of the least expensive, most highly effective liquid fertiliser products out there. Liquid seaweed fertilizer is a staple in any foliar feed and soil management program.

It is especially useful when seeding and propagating, dividing, and transplanting. Nursery owners and growers of wheatgrass and microgreens swear by kelp.

The kelp species used in this particular product is Macrocystis integrifolia, sustainably harvested here in BC and processed quickly at cool temperatures to preserve all of the benefits seaweed has to offer. Macrocystis grows well over 100 feet long, as much as 2 feet per day.

Unlike some other kelp products, this one is made fresh from live seaweed, and is never reconstituted with water from powder.