GR Pro Topiary Clippers

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A cross between giant secateurs and mini hedging shears, these topiary clippers are used single-handedly, leaving your other hand free. The long blades and spring action make clipping a breeze.

They are excellent for small scale boxwood clipping, finessing your topiary and for precision cutting of awkward angles in tight spaces, where double-handed shears are too large or clumsy. Designed for use on soft green growth, not for thick, woody plants.

Like all of our Japanese cutting tools, the locking mechanism is very deliberate and easy to use, even with gloves on and only one free hand (use your pinky to open, push the lock against your hip to close).

This one-handed feature is a what makes these clippers worth the investment for the professional gardener who uses them frequently

The yellow handles are easy to find if you put them down in the garden. Keep them locked when not in use so you don't poke yourself with the very pointy, sharp tips. 

Fits in the Niwaki Long Holster perfectly.

Niwaki sharpening stones are recommended for this model. The steel sharpens easily but they are not suitable for heavy hacking, and definitely not for cutting wire or opening paint cans!


Product Information

  • KA70 carbon steel
  • Blade Length: 4.4" (110 mm)
  • Total Tool Length: 10.6" (270 mm)
  • Total Weight: 11 oz (312 g)
  • Secure, chunky lock at bottom
  • Ideal for box clipping
  • Use Niwaki Sharpening Stones for sharpening

The Niwaki GR Pro range has been designed and manufactured in Japan to provide a less expensive and more readily available alternative to the hard-to-get Tobisho products. Very similar in design, size and feel, these are a little lighter than the Tobishos if weight is a concern.