Niwaki Matsui Rulers

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Anyone else appreciate using a nice stainless steel ruler as much as I do? There's always one on the desk when I'm working on garden designs.

Introducing hardened stainless steel metric rulers from the Matsui Precision Manufacturing company in Japan. 

They come in 3 sizes:  15cm, 30cm and 60cm or, for those of you like myself who haven't fully converted, 6" pocket size, 12" standard and 24").

Handy inches > mm conversion tables engraved on the reverse (also, for all you carpenters and engineers, tap drill and thread conversion charts on the 30cm and 60cm sizes).

Fun metric facts from Niwaki HQ:

  • Although still in use amongst artisan craftsmen and other traditionally-minded folk, Japan officially ditched the ancient shakkanho / 尺貫法 system of measurement in 1868, following the Meiji Restoration. That’s over 150 years of metric expertise at your fingertips.
  • Ever forward-thinking, Japan was one of the 17 original signatories to the 1875 Treaty of the Metre (a real thing, I assure you), so it’s no surprise Japanese rulers are some of the best in the world. It took the UK another 110 years to see the light and stop measuring things based on the length of the foot of a statue from 2,575 BC (again, not made up). Declare your allegiance to modernity with these metric wonders.

Product Details

  • stainless steel
  • matte finish
  • etched & black-filled markings
  • milled edges
  • comes with vinyl sheath
  • made in Japan